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Lambo Door Installation
We always recommend professional installation when installing any type of custom car part or accessory. This includes direct bolt on Lambo doors. Installing this product takes some car knowledge, skills, the proper tools, and a little elbow grease.  But we also know that there are plenty of car savvy individuals who say "I can do it myself". Vertical Doors Inc. includes a vehicle specific installation manual with every direct bolt on kit.  This means that you will receive a 12-16 page manual on how to install on your specific ride including images.  Its not a generic manual for some random car.  Each vehicle has its own unique characteristics and requires its own installation process.  However, the basic process remains the same.

Here are some key aspects of the install.
  1. Disconnect battery
  2. Remove front fenders
  3. Remove inside door panels
  4. Free up the existing wires inside door to allow for movement
  5. Secure existing doors to vehicle using painters tape
  6. Remove old door hinges
  7. Install new vertical door hinges
  8. Install gas pressured shocks
  9. Grease shocks and hinges
  10. Make sure everything is secured to vehicle
  11. Open doors and adjust for alignment
  12. Trim fender wall to allow arm of hinge to move freely
  13. Re-install fenders and door panels
Each vehicle is different.  There will be additional steps involved to successfully install. Your detailed instruction manual will go more in depth explaining the full installation process

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