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About Us
We Specialize in Doors!
There are a few main reasons to purchase from VerticalRides instead of some of the other sites on the net. One main reason is that our company specializes in custom door products.  This is what we do. Since 2005, we have been fine tuning our Lambo door conversion knowledge and have become one of the most trusted and experienced Vertical Door Kit sites. We know you will have questions about these products. We have the ability to answer your questions.  We do not sell 100's or 1000's of different products like our competition. This allows us to have full devotion to the items that we know best.

VerticalRides is committed to selling products that work and last. We sell name brand items at competitive prices. Do not be fooled by other companies that sell generic imitations at discounted rates. You get what you pay for!  We sell quality items designed to do their job and to do it well. The products we back come with instructions, warranties, and customer support.   

We are quick at getting you your product. Don't believe us? Let us prove it to you. The products that we stock are shipped the same day they are ordered. They are sent with priority delivery to arrive at your doorstep in around 3 business days or less.  We see the orders as they come in and work quickly to process them. Direct bolt on kits are manufactured as they are ordered and are not sent the same day they are ordered.  The manufacturing process will take a few business days to complete. Manufacturing time will vary depending on the availabilty of materials and the number of previous orders already placed.

We keep up with the times and our proud to say that we have the latest in door conversion products at competitive pricing. We are always unveiling knew concepts and items to our customers. As new ideas are released, VerticalRides is one of the first to make them available to you.  Be sure to register an account to be the first to hear about product launches and releases.

We are Safe!
Our site is SSL Secure. Ordering online is safe and free of problems. If you are unsure about ordering online, we can also be reached by phone.

We are Here to Stay!
Since 2005, our business has been helping people find the perfect products that are right for them. We want to be here to help you out.  We ask that you give us a chance and give us your business. This helps keep us going so that we can always be around to help our loyal customers for years to come.

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